ECS Supports Pentium M

Good evening folks.  We've got some news from ECS just now that we thought may be of interest to many of you. The company has added support for Intel's Pentium M processors to the PF88 though the use os a new SIMA card. Check it...

ECS Adds Intel Pentium M Support with the Launch of I9S SIMA Card

-- Expanding platform flexibility of PF88 Extreme Hybrid motherboard, the new SIMA card bridges support between Intel mobile processors and Intel desktop processors --

Fremont, CA (October 26, 2005) – Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc., world's leading computer hardware and notebook manufacturer, today announces immediate availability of its latest SIMA card designed exclusively for its award-winning PF88 Extreme Hybrid motherboard. The new I9S SIMA card is industry's first to bring support to both Intel LGA755 and socket 479 platforms on the same motherboard. Designed with maximum platform flexibility in mind, the new ECS I9S SIMA card brings value to Intel users by allowing interchangeability between the desktop and the mobile processors.

Taking full advantage of the SiS 649 chipset and supports 2GB of DDR400 (PC3200) memory, the new I9S SIMA card is a PCI-Express based add-on card for the PF88 Extreme Hybrid motherboard. The motherboard natively supports Intel LGA775 based processors. With the proprietary SIMA add-on card, users now have the option to run socket 479 based Pentium M processors on the desktop. Unlike the desktop based Pentium 4 platform, Pentium M processors utilize less power, dissipates less heat during operation and less noise as a result of less cooling required, thus making it an ideal platform for home theater PCs (HTPC) and media servers. In addition, Intel Pentium M based systems delivers accelerated performance in applications like games. Designed with the budget enthusiasts in mind who demand hardware flexibility without compromising performance, the new I9S SIMA card realizes technological innovation into real life applications.

"Following the success of the A4S SIMA card, we wanted to complete the line-up with support for Pentium M processors, " said Joe Chang, Director of Product Marketing at ECS USA. "There has been a lot of attempt to run mobile processors on a desktop platform, but no one offers a solution like what we have here. With I9S SIMA Card, ECS users always have the option to run either platforms, and that is the ultimate idea behind our Extreme series of motherboards," continued Chang.  More Info...

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