eBay User Data Leaked By Crazed Forum Poster

An as yet unidentified individual posted allegedly private & secure account information for approximately 1200 eBay users on eBay's own forums.  Thankfully the post has now been removed, but what kind of damage was done to those 1200 users?  We'll let the eBay spokesperson answer that:

“Nichola Sharpe, an eBay spokeswoman, confirmed that on Tuesday morning someone the vendor describes as "a malicious fraudster" posted the names and contact information of 1,200 eBay members on the company's Trust & Safety discussion forum.

"This information could have been obtained as part of an account takeover. Since this time, our Trust and Safety team has been proactively addressing this situation," she said.

Along with members' information, the "fraudster" also posted what appear to be credit card numbers. However, if that's what they are, they don't match the ones eBay has on file for the members whose contact information was disclosed, Sharpe said.”

While the financial data appears to be bunk, the veracity of the personal information has yet to be confirmed or denied.  At this time we also don't know what personal information was leaked, but we'll be sure to keep you informed as we get more information.