Early Tomb Raider Reboot Footage Shows It Was Originally Conceived As A Horror Game

Tomb Raider
Lara croft has been raiding tombs for quite some time now, 25 years to be exact. Right now Square Enix is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Tomb Raider series and along the way has been highlighting major accomplishments for the beloved franchise. Pushing the boundaries of what 3D games could be back in the early days of PC gaming and the Sony Playstation, the team behind Tomb Raider has never been scared to push the envelope. The adventures of Lara Croft evolved with each passing game until it went dormant for some time, then came the series reboot in 2013.

That reboot sparked the first entry into one amazing trilogy that took the aspects we loved about the original series and turned things to 11. The story was much more gritty than ever before as we got to experience what it was like becoming THE Tomb Raider. Subsequently, we ventured along with Lara and company through the Rise of the Tomb Raider and finished up the spectacular run with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. But, what if the series had stuck with the early version of the game that Square Enix has now shared with us?

According to the early footage from Tomb Raider 2013 Development: Ascension we get a really good taste at the early design of the enemies, and it's quite terrifying from where we stand. While the final game design kept a lot of the supernatural elements and atmosphere showcased in this early footage, the final game wasn't nearly as terrifying as it could have been. I know for myself I found the game to be quite tense at times while sulking through pools of blood and piles of bodies. But none of that stood a chance compared to the likes of some of the enemies shown in the video footage above.

The design of the enemies as well as the gameplay around them were a massive paradigm shift away from what earlier Tomb Raider games were. I'm not sure if the reboot trilogy would have become near the hit if they had gone the route of horror (maybe?), but now I really want to play this version of the game and see if it would scare me more than the asylum in the Thief reboot.