Square Enix Releases "Thief - Out of the Shadows" Trailer

Another day, another beautiful game trailer. This one is from Square Enix’ new Thief reboot, and the trailer is called “Out of the Shadows”. It’s brief but to the point, showing off some brilliant artwork in a special scripted scene while unfortunately keeping any real gameplay out of it.

However, like any good trailer, it makes you want to pick up a controller and dig in for a long gaming session. In the closeup shots, some of the detail is astonishing, and the balance of stealth, posturing, and power makes it seem like a fun ride.


Indeed, Square Enix describes the gameplay thusly: “Garrett is proven an intelligent, resourceful, and skilled thief in an adventure that allows for player freedom and control, asking you to blaze your own trail and design your own means of reward and escape.”

In this version of Thief, Garrett is in The City, which is full of corrupt people with too much wealth. As his personal mantra is “What’s yours is mine”, those folks should beware Garrett the master thief.