Ear Candy: Asus Unleashes the Xonar D2

Asus has announced the launch of the Xonar D2 sound card, which is the very first product in its brand new product line. Based on the AV200 audio chip, the Xonar integrates various sound-enhancing technologies from big names like DTS and Dolby. With a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 118 dB, for both audio in and audio out, users can enjoy unprecedented sound quality on their PCs.

"Unlike generic sound cards in the market that provide the highest SNR to only the front stereo outputs, the Xonar D2 is able to deliver 118 db quality audio for all 7.1 channels."
Gamers can enjoy superb in-game audio quality thanks to the various onboard technologies brought to you by Dolby, DTS, and DirectX, which allow users with 4, 5.1. and 7.1 speaker configurations to experience enhanced 3D positioning and 3D sound effects in 3D games. With its yellow lighting and stealthy appearance, the Xonar is also visually impressive. Whether you are a music lover or a hardcore gamer, it seems like this card might be something to consider.
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