EA Helping Mac Get “In The Game”

Apple has been making impressive inroads in numerous markets, regaining ground in arenas that they once dominated.  There is, however, one arena which was arguably never dominated by Macintoshes: Gaming.

Companies like id and Blizzard have offered Mac software for the past several years, but recently mega-publisher EA decided to throw their weight behind Apple as well.  Initially this support was to come in the form of 6 games released earlier this year, but it’s now turned into 4 shipping games (that are a bit late), and 2 games that we’re still waiting on.

Of course, your local Best Buy probably won’t carry Mac games, so where can you pick ‘em up?  Online or at an Apple store, of course!
"Customers looking for the games will need to go specifically to Apple's retail or online stores. The titles aren't available anywhere else. Apple confirmed to Macworld that the games are exclusive to the Apple stores, at least for the moment.

The announcement that EA is shipping these titles comes weeks later than expected. Back in late July, EA had no explanation for the delay."
Do you think that Apple has a future in the gaming market, or is this just a passing fad?
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