Dyson’s $569 Supersonic Hairdryer For Pros Looks Like It Belongs In A Sci-Fi Flick

hero dyson supersonic r
Dyson announced its latest addition to its Supersonic hairdryer lineup, the sleeker and sci-fi looking Supersonic r. The Supersonic r is a lighter version of its predecessor, making it easier for professionals to wield all day long.

While Dyson may be better known for sucking (vacuum cleaners) rather than blowing (hair dryers), professional hair stylists have been using the company’s high-end Supersonic hairdryers since its launch in 2016. Since then, the hairdryer has seen little to no change in design, until now. The upcoming Supersonic r is both smaller and lighter than the original design, which should make hair dressers happy.

“If you’re using it at home, maybe you do a half-hour blow dry session,” remarked Steve Williamson, Dyson’s hair care category manager. “Maybe you use it every day, maybe you use it every two to three days. In salon, someone could use it five to six times easily.”

The company was able to reduce the size and weight with some newly re-engineered heating elements, allowing for the older large head to be replaced by a bend at the end of the shaft, mimicking an “r” and hence its name. Dyson also listened to professional hairstylist’s feedback about the older model and moved the cold shot button, which turns off the heat for certain hairstyles, to under the curve, like a trigger.

dyson supersonic r breakdown image

The Supersonic r also has an air filter in the base. While this is the same as on the older models, Williamson remarked that there is a new sensor in the r that makes using the filter mandatory.

“It’s serums, it’s hairsprays, it’s bits of hair clippings, whatever’s in the salon - we need to protect it from going inside the [Supersonic r],” Williamson explained.

Also added are RFID attachments, allowing for the hairdryer to automatically change the heat and power settings depending on the style. The auto settings can also be adjusted to the user’s preferences, and each preference is remembered for the next time.

The Supersonic r will only be available to professionals who have a cosmetology license and will have an asking price of $569.99. Anyone interested in learning more about the product and when it is available for purchase can sign up via Dyson’s website.