Droid 4 Appears In Best Buy Promo

Although the Droid 4 hasn't been officially released yet, that hasn't stopped Best Buy from using this upcoming phone in a promotional advertisement. A recent Reward Zone promotion shows the upcoming phone, which makes us wonder if the retailer thought the phone was going to launch this month. (Old rumors once suggested this phone would launch in December, but that hasn’t happened.)

The Droid 4 looks similar to the Droid RAZR with its shaved corners, but this phone also features a slide-out keyboard with backlit keys. No official release date has been announced, though the latest rumors suggest Verizon Wireless will launch the Droid 4 in February. Of course, we've heard multiple rumors of phone launches lately that have been proven false, so we're taking this with a grain of salt.

Considering the problems Verizon Wireless has experienced this month with its 4G LTE network, it might be smart for the carrier to delay the launch of another 4G phone for a little while. With any luck, hopefully Verizon Wireless will have all of the 4G kinks worked out soon. Hopefully by then we'll also have a real launch date for the Droid 4.