DRM Dies as Amazon MP3 Adds Sony BMG

In a major coup, Amazon.com announced Thursday that by the end of January you'll be able to download MP3 versions of Sony BMG music from their DRM-free Amazon MP3 store. Thus officially dies DRM.

"We are excited to offer Amazon MP3 customers DRM-free MP3s from SONY BMG, which represents many of the most popular musicians from the past and present. Our Amazon MP3 customers will be able to choose from a full selection of DRM-free music downloads from all four major labels and over 33,000 independents that they can play on virtually any music-capable device."

We never thought this day would come.  However, with Warner Music moving to an MP3 format, Sony had little choice, as if 3 out of 4 music labels were DRM-free, and Sony was the lone holdout, you can see how much sense that would make.  But this is a major coup, and you can bet Apple isn't happy.

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