Dr. Phil Taping Video Game Violence Episode

It has been discussed often, yet there has been no definitive answer about whether or not video games contribute to societal violence.  If you look around you can find studies that say "yes," and studies that say "no."  Well, Oprah's favorite shrink, Dr. Phil, is going to tackle the issue, as he prepares to tape a show devoted to just that subject.
GamePolitics has learned that the popular TV shrink is taping an episode about game violence on Thursday. Readers may recall that just one day after the Virginia Tech massacre, Dr. Phil made comments on the Larry King show which seemed to indicate a belief that violent games played a role in the killings.
BTW, we are allowed to use the word "shrink" despite the somewhat pejorative nature of it, as we have relatives who are "shrinks" who have give us permission.   However, said "shrinks" are not too enamored with Dr. Phil, whom they consider to be a celebrity psychologist, and whose answers and approaches on the show do not seem to jive with real-life treatment regimens.

An update on the GamePolitics site indicates that Jack Thompson - the well-known anti-game attorney - was originally invited to the show but later removed as they decided to take the episode in a "different direction."
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