Doom 3, Doom 3, MP3 Players, Power Supplies and More Doom 3!

So, have all of you had your chance to spend some quality time with Doom 3?  Have you lost countless hours reveling in the horror, fragging the baddies back to where they belong?  I suspect a lot of you have.  I've tried to put some quality time in myself and I can surely say, this game delivers the goods on fear and graphics quality, no doubt.  Too bad I don't have the time to play for hours on end.  Something about work and divorce always comes up to rain on the party :)

Doom 3: Why is Radeon X800 Series behind GeForce6? @

"One the one hand, Radeon-cards have got a superior Early-Z-Occlusion performance. But on the other hand, the Radeon-mechanism is more vulnerable. Radeon-cards are not designed for Doom 3. In Z-tests according to the Doom 3 method Hiercharchical Z does not always work, then pixels can only be dropped on the quad-level. Performance continues to decrease with 4x-Antialiasing while the GeForce FX/6 may drop pixels irrespective of the AA-mode with same efficiency."

DOOM 3 high-end graphics comparo @ The Tech Report:

"Will NVIDIA's prowess in OpenGL games translate into across-the-board dominance in DOOM 3, or will ATI's new Catalyst 4.9 beta drivers propel the Radeon X800 back into contention? What is the best high-end graphics card value for DOOM 3? Read on to find out."

X-Micro EVA MP3 Player Review @ CoolTechZone:

"As the competition increases in the world of portable audio players, we are seeing lots of improvements and features on these gadgets. Every manufacturer tries to do something that will make their player unique from the rest. X-Micro, a name not known to many and a rather small member of the MP3 player market, has filled its EVA line of portable audio players with lots of features."

FIC Condor SFF System Review @ Designtechnica:

"In the consumer electronics and computer marketplace, FIC may not be a brand that many readers are familiar with. And even though they produce a wide-range of products, the company can easily be overlooked because many of their products are produced for other companies. You do not see a lot of products branded under their FIC company name, but as an OEM/ODM manufacturer, their products are being re-badged and sold under big names such as Intel and Gateway."

Aspire AS500W 12V ATX Power-Supply @ TechFreaks:

"This is where we end up; while being visually appealing, the Aspire AS500W falls short where it matters: performance. The Aspire AS500W has its good features, but nothing can out-weigh unstable and unsafe voltages. I would not trust this power-supply in my system; I hope you would choose the same. Other than the faulty rails, despite looking good, I was disappointed with the feel of the On/Off switch and the glow of the two L.E.D. fans is blocked by the internal components of the PSU."

Opus Technologies TT-501 Titanium Tiny Case @

"Opus Technologies recently made a move to the North Amercian market, mainly the United States with their new line of desktop cases and cooling products. The Taiwan-based manufacturer has been successful in the Asian and European markets, but in order to be successful here, Opus Technologies will have to go above and beyond a lot of strong competition."

Doom 3 Review @ Bjorn3D:

"A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation's (UAC) Mars Research Facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you struggle with shock and fear as you fight your way to hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil. Built on id's revolutionary new 3D graphics engine, Doom 3 draws you into the most frightening and gripping 3D gaming experience ever created."

OK gang, that's a wrap for me.  I'll see you here next week.  Have a great weekend!