Don't Look Now But There's Finally A CPU-Z Build For Windows On ARM64

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After years of waiting, users on ARM64 versions of Windows 10 and 11 finally have their own version of CPUID's popular application CPU-Z. The new ARM64-based version will enable anyone using an ARM-based Windows machine to view detailed specifications of their CPU, including clock speeds, cache allotments, CPU model names, and more.

The initial release version out now does not have all the features present in the x86 version of CPU-Z, but it has all of the basic features most users care about. The program gives a full summary of an ARM processor, including details such as the model name, CPU architecture, fabrication process, GPU model name, core specifications, what instructions are supported, and so on.

In fact, the ARM64 version has a leg up on the x86 version in that it will tell you the current clock speeds of both the P-cores and E-cores, as well as display the CPU specifications of each core cluster — despite the fact that Intel has been producing hybrid x86 CPUs since 2020.

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Sadly we couldn’t get a look at the mainboard or memory tabs of this new version, but we expect them to be relatively similar to the same tabs found in the regular version. The mainboard tab in the x86 version of CPU-Z gives you a detailed description of the system’s motherboard, chipset, BIOS, and PCIe connectivity. Similarly, the memory tab will give the specifications of the host system's memory, including type, capacity, speed, and timings timings.

Android has had a version of CPU-Z for years, but it's great to see Windows on ARM getting its own version of the popular utility now that ARM-based laptop devices are starting to take off. Qualcomm’s outgoing Snapdragon X Elite can go toe toe-to-toe with some of Intel and AMD’s best CPUs available right now, and their upcoming Snapdragon 8cx Gen 4 is suspected to be powerful enough that it will surpass Microsoft’s new performance requirements for AI PCs.
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