D-Link Announces Entry Into WiMAX CPE Market With 802.16-2005-Compliant Router

WiMAX, while similar to WiFi, has both higher speed transmission and greater coverage area - as much as 3,000 square miles. With WiMAX in the early adopter phase, devices such as the D-Link router will become a hot topic in the months to come. Users in such cities as Chicago and Washington D.C. will soon have the opportunity to use these routers. But as WiMAX gains broader coverage, small towns and suburban areas will be included in the mix as well.

The D-Link WiMAX router combines both WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies to offer an all-in-one solution for in-house wireless coverage with easy installation and remote management features for service providers. The router is an ideal, cost-effective alternative for delivering a fast and secure broadband connection to consumers who are not reachable by DSL or Cable broadband services. This router supports wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) and multiple physical layer (PHY) protocols. It supports adaptive modulation -- 64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK -- with up to 5 b/s/Hz spectral efficiency, and 1K fast Fourier transform (FFT) and channel bandwidth up to 20 MHz. Security implementation is based on AES-CCM (advanced encryption standard). Efficient MAC secure data unit (SDU) fragmentation/packing maximizes bandwidth utilization.

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