DJI Mavic 3 Drone Flashes Stealthy Aerodynamic Design In Leaked Photos Ahead Of Launch

dji mavic 3 body leak
DJI, which is set to launch its upcoming Mavic 3 on November 5, has suffered yet another leak. Previous leaks revealed a number of details regarding the general design of the drone, its new cameras, and the various bundles that would be made available.

Today’s leak features an actual picture of the Mavic 3, which we think is quite the looker. The overall design of the DJI Mavic 3 is much more streamlined than the previous Mavic 2 line, thanks in part to its smoother nose. The color ditches the light grey pallet of the older Mavic 2 lineup and is now more in line with the more modern DJI FPV. The camera gimbal still sits just under the nose of the Mavic 3 and we can clearly make out the IR cameras on the front sides, which aid in collision avoidance. The Mavic 3 also appears to keep the same folding design as the previous models.

dji mavic 3 folded leak

Previous leaks also mentioned an increased 46 minute flight time for the Mavic 3. That's a significant boost, considering the 20-25m offered by our Mavic Air 2 when not fighting strong winds. With the Mavic 3 weighing a bit more than the previous Mavic 2, it appears that increased flight time comes by way of a few things; reduced flight speed, and optimized arm and prop designs. The older Mavic Air 2 flies comfortably in the 30 miles per hour range in Normal Mode and could top 41 miles per hour in Sport Mode, but according to earlier leaks the Mavic 3 will hover in the 15.5 miles per hour range, which is high on the efficiency curve. The props are slightly longer and broader than those on the Mavic Air 2 as well, but differences in pitch are hard to see in the leaked images. It does, however, appear to be a bit more aggressive at the hub. The arms are narrower than previous models too, and while that might cause concerns regarding durability, it certainly reduces back pressure on the props, which should enhance flight efficiency.

With all of the Mavic 3-related leaks recently, there won't be much left for DJI to formally announce at its launch event. The company may still have a few surprises in store, but regardless, the upcoming Mavic 3 appears to be a significant upgrade in many ways and we look forward to its official release.
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