Why Your DJI Drone Might Soon Be Banned In The US

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Congress may pass a new law soon that will ban all DJI drone sales in the United States. DJI has been integral in making drones popular, with its products being utilized for a number of purposes, such as content creation, agriculture, and entertainment.

DJI drones have become a favorite among filmmakers, farmers, and people who simply have fallen in love with flying the miniaturized aerial machines. Adding to the popularity are the high-quality cameras that come with them. Being able to take in breathtaking views that would be impossible without one is just one of the many reasons people have grown fond of DJI's products. Congress, however, takes a different perspective, stating the partly Chinese-owned company is a threat to national security, and wants the sale of all DJI drones in America to be banned.

New York state Representative Elise Stefanik remarked, “DJI presents an unacceptable national security risk, and it is past time that drones made by Communist China are removed from America.”

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DJI denies the company represents any such danger to America’s security, or is in violation of any human rights violations, as the drones could be used for surveillance unknowingly. Also, while the company does not sell drones for military use, it has been alleged to have been used in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

If the proposed ban does become law, there are still a few uncertainties. One is how it will affect those who already own a DJI drone. It could certainly affect customer service and being able to get replacement parts. But if the ban ends up causing Apple and Google to remove DJI apps and support of said apps from devices, then that could cause a lot more issues. This is because the drones are mainly controlled through a downloadable app on a smartphone or tablet.

It is also uncertain if there will be a ban on flying existing drones made by DJI as well. And there is the question of other products that DJI produces, such as the Osmo Pocket.

The possible ban of DJI drones mirrors Congress’ concerns over TikTok, which is also in the process of being banned in the US if ByteDance does not sell to an American company. While the concern may be legit, at the end of the day it is the consumer that suffers most.