Diablo IV Early Access Dates Revealed, Check Out The Eerie In-Game Cinematic Intro

man on horse diablo iv

It's been 27 years since the first Diablo game was released. The game received numerous awards, and every sequel of the Blizzard title has garnered almost the same success. The most recent iteration of Diablo was Diablo: Immortal. This game was met with significant disdain from fans but didn't stop Blizzard from earning millions per day from players. Since Diablo III was released ten years ago, people have been heavily anticipating Diablo IV. Now players can see the cinematic intro to the game and find out just when they can play in early access for the upcoming action RPG.

We already know that the official release date, barring any delays, is June 6th of this year thanks to a recent trailer. We also have some idea of gameplay and character classes thanks to a 45-minute leak from early testers. All of this only heightened the excitement for fans of the ARPG.

YouTube Video of Diablo IV Cinematic Intro

The four-minute-long video was released on February 19th, 2023, and has given a glimpse into the background story that drives the events of Diablo IV. It opens with a dialogue that indicates an organization called the Horadrim, tasked with protecting Sanctuary, is becoming increasingly scarce and that the game will be the story of these events. We follow a character traversing through a frozen wasteland with his horse. Unfortunately, the horse is spooked and succumbs to an enemy. Animal lovers may not want to watch this scene as it depicts the horse's body having been eviscerated.

The story indicates that Sanctuary's creators are returning to reclaim the land they created. Later we close on the character we've been following, seemingly, having a nightmare about the creature which killed his horse before startling awake. The whole video is fairly grim, creepy, and definitely gruesome. Our takeaway, we want to avenge that horse!

diablo iv enemy creature face
Screen Capture of Enemy Face for Diablo IV Cinematic Intro (Click to Enlarge)

Luckily, the final moments of the video tell us when we can do that. Early Access will be available for pre-purchase orders on Match 17-19, and Open Beta will be on March 24-26. Based on that and the planned release date, Blizzard will have two months to polish up any complaints or issues once these tests finish. Hopefully the game will have a better release than Diablo III.