Huge Diablo 4 Leak Reveals Nearly 45 Minutes Of Gameplay Including Combat

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Blizzard first announced Diablo IV's existence in 2019. It revealed a number of features that players are looking forward to, such as the return of the Rogue class. Even still, no one has seen footage of gameplay for the upcoming title until now, as someone has posted videos of Diablo IV gameplay up on Reddit.

Diablo III was released in May of 2012. Unfortunately for Blizzard at the time, most users were none-too-happy about the launch. It was plagued with launcher issues, dropped network connections, and players just not happy with how the game played. It took some patching, but Blizzard finally did some work to make the player base happy. Hopefully, in the decade since that time Blizzard has learned a thing or two and the launch of Diablo IV will go more smoothly. In any case, users got an unexpected sneak preview thanks to Reddit.

10 Second Clip of Diablo IV Combat

Reddit user u/iV1rus0 leaked video of gameplay for the much-anticipated upcoming action-RPG from Blizzard. In the post, V1rus0 claims that they believe the video leak comes from a friends & family playtest. Many developers will bring in friends and family for testing before starting early alphas or betas allowing the public's insight. That said, they typically operate under strict non-disclosure agreements.

diablo 4 menu

So, either this was gathered through nefarious means, or someone was just not careful with their file sharing. As of right now, we have not been able to uncover the direct source of the leak. However, we're sure Blizzard can find out based on character information and watermarks shown within the video.

combat vs skeletons diablo iv
Combat vs. Skeletons Screenshot from Diablo IV Leaked Video

By now you may have noticed that the screenshots seem a little narrow. That is because it appears as though Diablo IV has full ultra-wide resolution support. It actually looks quite amazing, even if the video capture is a little dark. The menus seem to fit the same theme as other Diablo games in the franchise. We don't feel like anything particularly out of our expectations were leaked in this video, it mostly shows combat and a few menu and NPC interactions.

It is always best to take leaks like this with a modicum of wariness, as this early of a leak is no guarantee of the final product. That said we can't say it won't look similar. Either way, we're still looking forward to it.