DFI LANPARTY UT CFX3200-DR Motherboard

Hello Everyone. We're writing to let you all know that we've just posted an article at HotHardware.com where we evaluate the features and performance of DFI's LANPARTY UT CFX3200-DR motherboard. Here's a snip from the piece...

"DFI has earned a reputation over the last couple of years for producing feature-rich, enthusiast friendly motherboards. DFI's decked out LANPARTY family of motherboards in particular has become known to many around the world as a family of products that cater to the unique needs of the enthusiast and overclocking communities. Today we present to you DFI's LANPARTY UT CFX3200-DR. Build around the CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset and with a plethora of BIOS options and integrated peripherals, this board has 'enthusiast' written all over it."
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