Bungie Foreshadows The Death Of A Major Destiny 2 Character

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Many hints about the storyline of Destiny 2 are dropped in its lore or in other subtle ways throughout the game. The recent reappearance of one particular weapon has Guardians shaking in their boots. It was recently confirmed that Spoiler Alert is a sign that a character will soon die in Destiny 2.**Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead**

Spoiler Alert is a Legendary Kinetic Sidearm and its description reads “Someone is going to die.” The description alone is not terribly concerning since you kill a lot of enemies as a Guardian. However, the history of this weapon is what makes its appearance unnerving.

Spoiler Alert was originally released alongside the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC in May 2018. It was used to foreshadow the death of Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6, who was killed in the Forsaken expansion just a few short months later. The weapon was reissued this past August and some Guardians guessed that its reappearance foretells the death of another major character. However, this was all mere speculation until recently. Bungie senior narrative designer Nikko Stevens remarked, “It’s not a coincidence. That’s all I say.”

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This brings us to a major question-- who is going to die? The obvious pick is Osiris. The Season of the Lost has revealed that Osiris has been possessed by Savathûn, the Witch Queen since the Season of the Hunt. Savathûn has promised that Osiris is alive and that she will return him once she has been freed from her parasitic worm. But why should one trust the Queen of Lies? Furthermore, why would Spoiler Alert be rereleased to foreshadow the death of a character that we know is either likely dead or whose fate hangs by a thread? Osiris’ death would not be a shock.

There are many characters right now that are on the warpath. Saint-14 is desperately searching for Osiris. Crow has recently learned about his past and, according to the lore, has made his way to Venus. Mara Sov is furious about the way her brother has been treated and seeks Savathûn’s destruction. Nevertheless we propose that the next character on the chopping block is Commander Zavala.

First, Spoiler Alert is a Vanguard weapon. Cayde-6 has not yet been replaced which leaves Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey as the remaining Vanguard leaders. We know that Ikora Rey will be present in the Witch Queen expansion and she is therefore unlikely to die. That leaves Commander Zavala.

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Second, Zavala has had a rough year. The lore from the past few seasons has indicated that he is under an immense amount of pressure and is certainly suffering from it. There was already an attempt upon his life in the Season of the Chosen. Zavala is a major target and may not be able easily escape another assassination attempt.

Third, Zavala may not be the right person to lead the Guardians into a new age where they wield both the Light and Darkness. We would highly recommend My Name is Byf’s video on what could happen during Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion. We agree with his assessment that Guardians will be the true “final shape” that brings balance to the universe. Zavala is incredibly suspicious of the Darkness and believes it can corrupt and divide Guardians. He has declared that the Vanguard’s official position is that Guardians cannot use Stasis. We could see Bungie eliminating all of the former traditional Vanguard leaders to make way for a new generation of Guardians.

Last but not least, Commander Zavala, like Cayde-6, is one of the major faces of Destiny 2. His death would shake up both the in-game universe and the Destiny 2 fan base. His death would be a true shock.

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Images courtesy of Bungie