Destiny 2 Showcase: What To Know About The Witch Queen Expansion And Season Of The Lost

destiny 2 witch queen savathun

The Destiny 2 Showcase just ended. It was packed with a ton of information about the upcoming expansion, new season, and what to expect from the game in the future. Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen Expansion, Season of the Lost, and more.

The Witch Queen Expansion

The Destiny 2 showcase started off with a bang with the official reveal of The Witch Queen expansion. The main antagonist for the expansion will be Savathûn, also known as the “Witch Queen.” She is a Hive god and sister to Xivu Arath, God of War and Oryx, the Taken King. She is also arguably the most dangerous enemy in the game.

Guardians will be sent to Savathûn’s throne world where her fortress overlooks a swamp. However, venturing into Savathûn’s home world is not the biggest threat to Guardians. Savathûn has found a way to steal the Light and reanimate the bodies of dead Hive to create “Hive Guardians” or “Lucent Hive.” These Lucent Hive are the backbone of her new army and even have their own version of a Ghost. This brings into question the Destiny universe’s rules about Light and Darkness.

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The Witch Queen will also introduce an entirely new weapon mechanic-- weapon crafting. Guardians will be able to make their own weapons and improve them through a combat progression system. These weapons will incorporate “unique mod, shader, and stat combinations.”

These crafted weapons will include a new weapon type called the “Glaive.” This is the first first-person melee weapon in the game. It can unleash melee attacks, fire mid-range projectiles, and deploy energy shields. Guardians will be able to initially craft all throne world, new raid, and seasonal weapons. More weapons will be added throughout the year.

Hardcore players will be delighted to learn that they will be able to choose between regular and legendary story campaign mode. Enemies hit harder and there are limited revives in the legendary mode. The difficulty of this mode will be scaled based off the number of Guardians in the fireteam.

destiny 2 witch queen guardians

What else can Guardians expect from The Witch Queen? Bungie plans to majorly revamp the light subclasses. They will add aspects and fragments, starting with Void. Bungie also noted that players should expect a new raid or dungeon every three months, beginning next year.

The Witch Queen expansion can be pre-ordered now for $79.99 USD on all available platforms. The Deluxe Edition includes Seasons 16-19, two Year-5 Dungeons, an Exotic SMG, catalyst, ornament, and an Exotic Sparrow. Those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition will also receive a Throne World Exotic Ghost Shell, the Enigma Exotic emote, and a new emblem. The Witch Queen expansion will officially be released on February 22, 2022.

Season of the Lost and 30th Anniversary Celebration

Many players have wondered how Bungie has expected to fill the time until the release of The Witch Queen expansion. The showcase has provided the answer. Players will be able to enjoy the Season of the Lost and Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Season of the Lost serves as the prologue to The Witch Queen. The season will focus on the Dreaming City where Guardians will assist Mara Sov, the ruler of the Awoken in the Reef. Mara has not been seen for quite some time, but promised in a broadcast after the arrival of the Pyramids that she would return to the Dreaming City. Mara tasks the Guardian with uncovering as many secrets of the Witch Queen as possible with the little time they have and guiding Mara’s people back to her. She gifts the Guardian with a Wayfinder’s Compass. This is an ancient Awoken artifact that gives the user the ability to uncover pathways, treasures, and secrets in the Ascendant Plane.

destiny 2 season lost exotic

The season will feature a new quest for the Exotic Trace Rifle Ager’s Scepter and the Seasonal Pass Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle Lorentz Driver as well. The trailer does not provide much more information about the storyline but it is clear that Uldren Sov and Osiris will be involved. Season of the Lost starts today and lasts until February 22, 2022.

Bungie also celebrates their 30th anniversary this year and consequently will host an in-game celebration. The event will start this December and will be free to all players. It will feature a six-player activity and a variety of secrets and rewards. Fans can purchase the 30th Anniversary Pack along with the Witch Queen expansion as well. The pack includes “a new Dungeon, Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher, new weapons, armor, and much more.” The expansion and 30th Anniversary pack are available for preorder for $99.99 USD.

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Future of Destiny 2

Bungie is in it for the long run. There will be at least two expansions after Witch Queen- Lightfall and The Final Shape. These three expansions are the last ones that will focus on the battle between Light and the Darkness. Bungie promises that the “Light and Darkness saga will end but Destiny 2 will not.” They state that this is a transformative moment for the game and there will continue to be more content.

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Images courtesy of Bungie