How To Get Started With Destiny 2's Expunge: Labyrinth Mission

destiny 2 splicer gauntlet upgrades

The latest Destiny 2 reset has brought with it the new weekly mission. Unfortunately it is not always obvious how one should kick off a new mission or quest. Here is what you need to know to start Destiny 2’s Expunge: Labyrinth.

Steps To Begin Expunge: Labyrinth

First, you will need to go to the H.E.L.M. and visit the Splicer Servitor in the new Eliksni Wing. The H.E.L.M can now be accessed directly from the Destination Director. Second, you will speak to Mithrax and complete Path of the Splicer III. The completion of this quest is very similar to the completion of Path of the Splicer I and II. You will need to:
  • Charge the Splicer Gauntlet with Ether. Ether can be collected by killing enemies, completing playlist activities, and completing public events.
  • Craft a Key Code. We have personally found that Ether can be collected fairly quickly, especially if you do the playlist activities. 
  • Complete Override on the Tangled Shore and open a Conflux Chest with a Key Code at the end of the activity. Override has previously taken place on Europa and the Moon.
  • Return to the Servitor Splicer and speak to Mithrax through it. Mithrax will give you access to Expunge: Labyrinth. It can be found on the Tangled Shore Map.
destiny 2 path of the splicer iii

What You Need to Know to Begin Expunge: Labyrinth

First and foremost, you need the season pass to access Expunge. This activity is not otherwise available. Second, you will need to have completed Path of the Splicer I and II before you can begin the journey to even access Expunge. Third, the mission suggests that Guardians be at least at a 1290 power level.

Expunge is far more similar to an Europa Exo Challenge than it is to past weekly missions. Like the Exo Challenges, there will be at least two other named Expunge missions-- “Tartarus” and “Styx.” We would imagine that these will take place on Europa and the Moon and will change out each week.

destiny 2 splicer gauntlet upgrades

Expunge Tips

At the moment, you will not receive an Exotic weapon but will instead get a piece of high-stat Legendary armor. The mission will not begin to drop Pinnacles until June 15th. Bungie has promised to provide more information about what rewards to expect.

There are also a few other tips to note. There will be Barrier Champions so make sure to equip an Anti-Barrier mod and your favorite Scout Rifle or Auto Rifle. We have been particularly enjoying the Hung Jury Legendary Scout Rifle, which can be acquired through Nightfall Strikes. There is the “Expedited Expunge” seasonal challenge that will reward you if you complete the mission in under ten minutes. There are also now specific Expunge Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades. Lookout for Codestrider and Codebreaker in particular to help you navigate the Vex network.

We are very interested to see whether Expunge will ever reward an Exotic weapon or if we will need to find Exotic weapons elsewhere. We are glad to see Bungie include another weekly mission. Harbinger and Presage were overall well received the past two seasons. It will be especially nice once Expunge begins to reward Pinnacles.

Images courtesy of Bungie