Dell Teases Dial Driven Content Creation System Of Its Own To Compete With Surface Studio

dell all in one
One of the most talked about tech products of past few months (with perhaps the exception of the iPhone 7) has to be Microsoft's Surface Studio. Microsoft wowed tech enthusiasts with its 28-inch content creation machine that comes standard with an innovative Surface Dial accessory that allows you to invoke menus and controls in your favorite applications.

Today at the Adobe MAX conference, Dell teased its own content creation system, and it looks rather fascinating with its dual displays. There’s a primary display that you might find in any typical all-in-one machine, but there’s also a secondary display that can be used for touch input. You can swipe and perform multi-touch gestures with your fingers, use the on-screen keyboard, and even pick up a stylus to draw or write on the display.

dell dial

However, the most intriguing aspect of this unnamed device is that Dell seems to have its own version of the Surface Dial. It appears to operate in exactly the same fashion, although we must say that Microsoft’s version looks a little cooler. It’s odd that both Microsoft and Dell are demonstrating such similar input devices in such a short period of time. And though Microsoft has the advantage of being the “first” on the market with this technology, word on the street is that Dell has been developing it for a very long time.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much else to go on from the brief teaser video. No specs were given, so we don’t know the size of either display or even what’s powering the device. However, we’re glad to see that PC manufacturers are really catering to professional content creators out there with innovative input solutions.