Dell Survey Asks 'What Is Your Favorite Linux Flavor?'

Dell has acknowledged the fact that some consumers want laptops and desktop pre-installed with Linux and has launched a poll to ask what Linux features consumers want most. Dell has not announced a definite commitment to selling PCs with Linux pre-installed, but the Linux survey may bring the company one step closer to embracing the penguin.

In February, Dell said it would certify Novell's (Nasdaq: NOVL) Latest News about Novell Suse Linux on business desktop and laptop PCs, but stopped short of saying it would offer Linux on consumer-oriented PCs. Now Dell has returned to the Linux discussion table. In a survey that Dell posted on its Web site Tuesday, the company says it is "listening" and asks survey participants to help Dell prioritize its Linux efforts. The company asks seven questions, including whether potential customers would use Linux for home or office use, their preferences for which Dell PCs most interest them, the types of activities in which they would engage (such as e-mail Email Marketing Software - Free Demo, Web browsing, gaming, music and software development), language priorities, user requirements for support, and which Linux distribution customers want most.
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