Dell Notebooks Delayed Due To Paint

Dell has been experiencing delays in shipping their new Inspiron line of notebooks, but the reasons why have been kept under wraps until recently.  But now we know that it’s a combination of paint and screens.

Yes, paint is one of the primary reasons for the delay, at least according to Dell.  Don’t forget screens, which are also in short supply due to the increasing demand for laptops.
“To date, color options are the main source of delay on Inspiron notebooks. Basic colors like black are easier to produce. Premium colors and finishes like we use on the Inspiron models introduce complexity into the process, and that's holding things up. Just as Alex mentioned in his post about colors on the M1330, producing smaller quantities is not the issue—it's mainly an issue of scale. We'll continue to work directly with suppliers to ultimately increase our production on color notebooks. Besides scale, we are also focused on maintaining the levels of quality we established when we designed these notebooks. In other words, we're not going to relax our quality standards to ship more products.

While premium colors are the main reason for delay of our Inspiron notebooks, displays are a secondary reason—some screen sizes are in short supply.”
We'll hope that Dell's suppliers get  their problems ironed out swiftly.