Dell Launching sub $500 AMD Notebooks

DigiTimes reports that Dell will soon be launching a series of sub $500 notebooks which are using AMD processors. Supposedly launching in the beginning of November, Dell's first AMD notebook will utilize a 15.4" LCD and range in price from $449-$499. A similar 17" model will then follow with the product launching sometime in Q1 2007. ODM's for the two models include Quanta and Compal so there is a slight chance you might recognize the same chassis on some other notebook vendors' models.

AMD currently accounts for less than 15% of the global notebook CPU market, but the company expects to grow its share significantly by partnering with Dell, the notebook makers said. According to the notebook makers, Dell will use 20 million AMD CPUs during the first year of their partnership (4Q06-4Q07) with notebook CPUs accounting for at least 20% of the total.