Dell Discontinues Dreadful Dimension Desktop Discounts

Dell's discovered that prospective customers are doing a kind of discounting of their own: They're discounting the likelihood of ever seeing their mail in rebates, due to the complexity and hassle of applying for them. So Dell is simplifying pricing of their Dimension Desktops and skipping the rebate coupon route.

"Customers are seeing the final price they are paying for a computer system is as low as it's ever been from Dell and easier to understand," Home and Business vice president Rocky Mountain said. "We believe this pricing simplification will contribute to a better, no hassle experience for Dell customers." Rebates are often maligned both by the consumers and the media for their often-complicated application processes and slow response times. Several companies have also been the subject of federal investigations for misleading consumers and failing to mail out rebate checks.

Good for Dell. Now if we can just do away with applying for that rebate check on April 15th every year, we'll be golden.

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