Dell Unveils AI-Driven ANC Headsets For Work With Up To 78 Hours Of Battery Life

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AI is showing up in tech all over the place, including Dell’s recently announced AI-driven Pro Wireless ANC 5000 series headsets, which promise long battery life to get you through the work week. Along with the 3000 series, Dell says its headsets aim to deliver “audio, on another level.”

Dell 5000 Series Pro Wireless And Wired ANC Headsets

The world today requires people to be ready to do business at the drop of a hat. Sometimes that means taking calls in busy work environments, or while waiting for a taxi on a busy city street. The ability to be heard, even in those bustling environments, is critical to getting the job done. Enter Dell’s Pro Wireless ANC Headset, model WL5024.

According to Dell, the wireless headset is designed for all-day comfort, featuring an adjustable leatherette headband, replaceable ear cushions, and a quick-deploy discreet boom mic. The mic comprises Dell’s AI-based noise cancellation, and hybrid active noise cancellation technologies to deliver clear audio. A smart sensor enables seamless control, muting conversations when both earcups are lifted, and unmuting when lowered.

dell ai driven 5000 headsets

The headset can be connected to devices via multi-point connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3, and can connect up to eight devices, including two simultaneously. When fully charged, the headset can last up to an astounding 78 hours of listening time. More than enough for a brief trip for business or pleasure.

For those who prefer a wired connection, the Dell Pro Wired ANC Headset (WH5024) comes with all the same features as its wireless sibling, minus the wireless aspect, of course.

The Dell Pro Wireless ANC Headset and Pro Wired ANC Headset will be available starting January 30, 2024, for $229.99 and $109.99, respectively.

Dell 3000 Series ANC Headsets

If someone does not need all the bells and whistles of the 5000 series headset, Dell is also offering up its 3000 series at lower price points. The company is marketing its 3000 series as “AI audio for everyday productivity and comfort.”

dell ai driven 3000 headsets

The 3000 series also comes with many of the same features as the 5000 series, such as a built-in AI-based noise cancellation microphone, but lacks the smart sensor. Another downgrade from the 5000 series is battery life, which drops to 41 hours of listening time at full charge, albeit still more than enough for a full day’s use (as well as a normal work week with a touch of overtime).

The Dell Wireless Headset (WL3024) will be available to for order starting February 1, 2024 for $159.99, and the wired version (WH3024) will be available for $49.99.