Beyerdynamic Celebrates 100 Years Of Awesome Audio With DT 770 Pro X Headset

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Celebrating a hundred years in existence this year, German audio specialist Beyerdynamic is releasing a limited edition DT 770 Pro X circumaural studio headphone, based on its classic DT 770 Pro. We think the upgrades are worth the extra $30 asking as long as you can get a hold of one before the limited run sells out.

At the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in California, Beyerdynamic has announced a special edition version of its popular DT 770 Pro called the DT 770 Pro X to start off the brand's 100th year celebration. Like the "classic" model, the Pro X closed-back headphones are aimed at mid-level to professional creators who prioritize pristine sound and reference-grade monitoring, but adds a detachable 3-meter mini-XLR to 3.5mm jack cable, increased max frequency response of 40 kHz , and revised 48 ohms nominal impedance (35 kHz and 32/80/250 ohms options on the 770 Pro respectively).

According to Andreas Rapp, Beyerdynamic CEO, "We wanted to commemorate our 100-year milestone by creating headphones that pay homage to our past, and empower studio professionals of the future to work however and whenever their inspiration strikes." 

beyerdynamic dt 770 pro x headphones

Also on-board is the tweaked STELLAR.45 driver setup that retains the performance of the original while being more efficient for use at studio workstations as much as on portable mobile devices. In the box, owners will also find a drawstring carry sack, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter, and a commemorative booklet marking the company's anniversary. Speaking of which, the headphone will carry an anniversary emblem stamped on the side of the headband, which is a neat touch.

For those interested, the DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition is available now on pre-order for $199 at Guitar Center and Sweetwater. While the company says that there will only be limited numbers available for these cans, it also states the additional availability will be announced later this year.