David Beckham Has Nothing to Fear

Maybe someday, but not now.  At the "Robot Athletic Meet 2007" in Japan, robots met on the soccer field.  Though they showed some moves (some were remotely-controlled and some automatically), none were channeling Pele.

For the contestants, most of the movements were, well, mechanical and even a little clumsy -- far from the acrobatic grace of premier-league soccer stars.

Several small humanoid robots taking part in "Robot Athletic Meet 2007" toppled over as they collided on the indoor field, their every move buzzing with the sound of their motors.

In most cases, the robots -- some remote-controlled by their owners and others pre-programmed to respond to the ball's movements -- were able to pick themselves up and carry on with the match.

Doubtful that we'll see athletic performance a la Data or even Bender in "Futurama" anytime soon (remember his foray into the Robot Olympics?), but perhaps someday ...

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