Danger Den RBX Waterblock, Logitech MX1000 Mouse, and more!

Hey folks, it's time to empty the box again. We've got some different articles in tonight, such as the Apple iPod HP 20GB review, and a review for the Logitech Quickcam ORBIT Face-tracking Webcam. Goodnight all, enjoy your reading :)

Danger Den RBX Waterblock Review @ OCModShop

"The accelerator nozzles on the RBX are a very interesting concept. They allow the end user to adjust the water flow through the block to best suit the rest of the cooling system. The accelerator nozzle kit contains four precut nozzles and one blank for your own design. The #1 nozzle is the only one included with the block but the nozzle kit is fairly inexpensive considering the adjustability and performance tweaking it allows."

Apple iPod HP 20GB @ Bytesector.com

"Today, we have the opportunity of taking the co-branded version, the Apple iPod HP, for a spin. Equipped with a 20GB hard drive, the iPod is capable of storing approximately 5000 music files. Let's take a close look at some of the ups and downs of this co-branded iPod, and why it is such a big hype these days!"

TTGI 600W Modular ATX/BTX PSU @ Legit Reviews

"TTGI USA (also known as Super Flower) became popular in Overclocking circles aproximately 3-years ago with the release of their TT-520SS 4-fan aluminum PSU. Enthusiast's loved the stability, rail adjustments, and especially the price. Today we look at the TT-600K04 600W Modular PSU for the evolving BTX standard..."

Logitech Quickcam ORBIT Face-tracking Webcam @ ExtremeMHz

"Sporting a highly innovative design and feature set, the Quickcam ORBIT, also nicknamed "HAL", is sure to impress those who see or use it. This highly unusual and futuristic webcam features automatic pan and tilt capabilities as well as automatic face-tracking software to ensure you're always in the picture."

Logitech MX1000 Mouse @ Hexus

"...this mouse is a great example of new technology in this specific market, and you would not be wrong - Logitech have raised the barrier when it comes to cordless mouse performance. Cleverly packaged, and with out-of-the-box use, the MX1000 appeals to graphics professionals gamers and mainstream users alike"