Watch This Dancing Streamer Stunningly Defeat Two Elden Ring Bosses Simultaneously

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Elden Ring is a game with which you are almost assuredly familiar by now. Besides record-breaking sales and multiple Game of the Year awards, it's become the new target of the curious FromSoftware cultural phenomenon where people beat the company's notoriously-hard games with ridiculously-unsuited controllers.

The latest example of said phenomenon is the new achievement from streamer MissMikkaa, who is so adept with her feet that she has not only defeated Elden Ring with a dance pad in the past, but has in fact now beaten the hardest boss in the game—Malenia, Blade of Miquella, who has never known defeat—with a game controller while simultaneously also doing it in a different copy of the game...with a dance pad.

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Most of the fight did not sync up this way.

No need to go back, you read that correctly: she beat Malenia on her PS5 using its DualSense controller while simultaneously (and indeed, more quickly) beating the difficult boss on her PC using a dance pad. Malenia is an optional enemy in Elden Ring that provides a sort of "super boss" challenge for skilled players, although defeating her is critical to completing one of the game's numerous plot threads.

Defeating her absolutely isn't critical to beating the game, though. In fact, you sort of have to go looking for her as she's a bit hidden to begin with, requiring the player to find a secret path from a late-game area into a series of consecutive hidden zones before finding Malenia at the end of the road. She's ludicrously difficult; a hyper-agile melee fighter that uses a huge arm-blade and devastating magical attacks in tandem.

It took MissMikkaa three days of attempts at this one fight.

Unless you're on a specific path in the story, defeating Malenia earns you little beyond bragging rights, but certainly more than twice the braggadocio is merited for someone who beat her twice simultaneously. To be sure, MissMikkaa put in plenty of preparation for the battle, establishing exactly how to beat the Blade of Miquella with the dance pad before doing it on both controllers simultaneously.

It's still a marvelous feat of execution, though, and we tip our hilariously-oversized Glintstone Crown to MissMikkaa. You can see the clip over on her YouTube channel.