Cyberpunk 2077's 2.1 Update Adds New Vehicles, Revamped Bosses, Metro Rides, And More

When Cyberpunk 2077 got its Phantom Liberty expansion and 2.0 update, CD Projekt Red said that was the end of the line for major content updates to the title. Well, the company appears to have done a little fibbing, because a new trailer just dropped for Update 2.1, and it's coming along with a whole pack of new pieces for the PC's premier science-fiction open-world game.


At the top of the list for us is the ability to play music while on foot. Like most open-world games where it makes sense, you can pick a radio station to listen to while in a vehicle, but that option wasn't available on foot even though Cyberpunk 2077 main character V is loaded with cyberware from the start of the game. Well, now, you can.

metro menu

Another huge change coming to the game is the ability to ride the Night City metro. Detractors might ask, "why would you do such a thing? surely using your own vehicle or simply fast traveling is more practical." The reason, haters, is because it's cool and immersive to ride around Night City in one of the trains that were already in the game, simply inaccessible. It looks like the engine will populate the train with NPCs, too. No word on whether you can get up and walk around the train in transit, though.


One of the major complaints about Cyberpunk 2077, even after the 2.0 update, was that the romances available in the game were pretty bare-bones. They were better than the romances in Mass Effect (which barely had any relevant scenes at all), but still pretty limited in terms of what you could actually do with your paramour. Well, the 2.1 update for Cyberpunk is apparently adding "partner hangouts" where you can just spend time with your bae.


There are new car races and new cars to race, including Johnny Silverhand's Porsche 911 Cabriolet, and there are additional car chases and new bike tricks, too. An additional section of Night City's highway has apparently opened up, and CDPR has sprinkled additional vista points around the city, too. These let you stop and peer through some binoculars to appreciate scenic views in the game world.


The biggest gameplay change might be the revamped boss fights. If you've played Cyberpunk 2077, you might recall that many of the "boss" enemies in the game are almost as easily dispatched as any other enemy, if you've got an optimized build. That may not be the case anymore in the 2.1 update, although CDPR didn't provide any details about what's changed.

new features

There are the usual technical upgrades coming in this update, too, which CDPR describes as "VFX & lighting improvements" as well as "global SFX improvements". Surely these will be nothing as serious as the RT Overdrive update, or even NVIDIA's DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction, but that latter feature may have also gotten an upgrade to the latest version, as Alan Wake II features a different Ray Reconstruction library than Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.

If you've been holding off all this time on Cyberpunk 2077, it looks like now is the time to get into the game. On December 5th—that's tomorrow—the company will launch not only this 2.1 update but also the "Ultimate Edition" of the game. That'll be a new release for the title that bundles in all of the updates to date as well as the Phantom Liberty expansion. Kudos to CDPR for doing an updated release for the title; thanks to the company's hard work, it has gone from an industry laughingstock to one of this writer's GOATs. Pick it up if you haven't.