Cyber Snipa Gaming Peripherals, MSI StarCam 370i, and more!

Hey folks, we've got plenty of news this weekend! For all of you that loved, and still love, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(talking about the SNES here), XYZ computing has put up an article praising the glory of this great machine. For those of you who missed out on those days, it breaks my heart... really, hours of my childhood devoted to that box. I've spent more time with Final Fantasy 3 than I have with Half-Life 2. Goodnight all!

BenQ DW1620 DVDR @ MHW

"The BenQ DW1620 arrived in a typical retail box with Styrofoam inserts. In addition to the drive were four mounting screws, two quick start guides, and software. The software contained was Sonic RecordNow, InterVideo, WinCinema, BenQ Qvideo 2.0, Book type management, as well as the usual electronic users manual. I must admit I was disappointed to see that BenQ included RecordNow instead of the more popular Nero."

Hiper Type-R Modular 580W @ Phoronix

"Power supply makers have more or less run out of ideas on how to improve the appearance of their products. They've done everything from LEDs, to fancy cable sleeving, to modular designs, but in the end none of them tend to stand out. Today from Hiper, however, we have a unit that breaks away from common designs: the Hiper Type-R Modular 580W PSU."

Cyber Snipa Gaming Peripherals @ Viperlair

"In use, I found the gamepad to have a slight learning curve or perhaps an adjustment period would be a better way of putting it. I can't say it improved my game, but having the extra keys within easy reach was certainly nice and if you push the keyboard out of the way you do get a lot more room on your desk for your mouse."

MSI StarCam 370i @ Hardware Zone

"In the guise of a one-eyed alien, the StarCam 370i is MSI's newest web camera entry. Designed for webcasting and online video chats, it even had surveillance functions and works in the dark with infrared light."

Five DVD-ROM Drives Roundup @ X-Bit labs

"If you have limited budget for your computer system and would like to save some by getting a regular DVD-ROM drive instead of a burner, then this roundup is for you. Five solutions from ASUS, Sony, Toshiba and Plextor under X-bit's magnifying glass!"

AMD Athlon 64 heatsink roundup summer 2005 @ Mad Shrimps

"The new school year is about to begin, and every student will feel the urge to buy a lot of things, because "I need it for schoolwork". How about using this excuse to buy new CPU cooling? This article should give you a little help in the right direction. "