Cute Korean Girls Get All The Cool Gear

There have always been benchmarks you watch to gauge the march of technology --Processor speed, number of channels available on cable, maximum screen size, etc.

I must have fallen asleep for ten minutes, because they're putting 10 megapixel cameras into phones now. Camera Phone Plaza has pictures of the little wonders:

"Samsung made a press release today in which announced the world's first super camera phone, the Samsung SCH-B600. The handset features an amazing 10 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom and a flash unit. The SCH-B600 also has a LED autofocus that automatically determines the distance and utilizes the appropriate focus setting."

The camera phones are exactly like the models holding them for the photo: Fun to think about and look at, but available only to people with more money than me in a land far, far, away.

But no longer... impossible.

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