These Custom Intel Arc A770 And A750 GPUs Will Have Elden Ring Gamers Flipping Out

hero arc gunnir elden ring photon
Are you a FromSoftware fanatic? Do you hang on the end of every word out of Hidetaka Miyazaki's mouth? If so, you won't want to miss the opportunity to snag a very exclusive Elden Ring-branded Arc GPU, courtesy of a collaboration with Chinese GPU vendor Gunnir. To celebrate the release of Elden Ring's major expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, Gunnir is apparently producing special versions of its Arc A750 and A770 Photon GPUs.

Gunnir was the first board partner to produce cards for Intel's nascent discrete GPU efforts, and a 6GB A380 card was paraded around as proof that Intel was serious about offering graphics cards. Of course, two years on from then, we know perfectly well how serious Intel is about Arc. In fact, we've already tested the Arc A750 and Arc A770 in Elden Ring late last year when we reviewed the Acer Predator BiFrost A770 card:

chart eldenring

Considering the consoles mostly target 30 FPS in this game—and that's without gorgeous DXR ray-tracing—we think that this is a perfectly playable performance out of Intel's GPUs. Indeed, power efficiency aside, Arc offers a phenomenal gaming value in a lot of titles, something that budget gamers are slowly discovering as Intel's engineers continue working hard on their graphics drivers.

elden ring gunnir arc photon front
elden ring gunnir arc photon back

The four available images of the upcoming cards were shared by Gunnir on Weibo, but Reps (@RepsUp100 on Xwitter) helpfully reposted them for us in slightly higher resolution. The cards look essentially identical to the extant Arc A750 Photon and Arc A770 Photon models, just with a few gold accents and then a decorative backplate.

We have to think that the populations of "people looking to buy an Arc GPU" and "people who are crazy about Elden Ring" are probably limited in overlap, but if you fall into that group (or you're one of the aforementioned superfans), then by all means, keep an eye out. Gunnir says the cards are "launched", so they should show up on your Chinese storefront of choice any day now.