CS Map Making Student Gets Pwnt By Police

A Chinese-American high school student from Fort Bend Indiana developed a CS level based on his local high school, and what did he get for his trouble?   An A+ in his computer science class?  Nah.  How about a contract from Valve to make levels for their upcoming games?  Nope.  He got picked up by the local police after a few parents caught wind of it.
"Members of the area Chinese community have rallied behind a Clements High School senior who was removed from the campus and sent to M.R.  Wood Alternative Education Center after parents complained he'd created a computer game map of Clements.

About 70 people attended the Fort Bend Independent School District's April 23 meeting to show support for the Clements senior and his mother, Jean Lin, who spoke to FBISD Board trustees in a closed 
An investigation of the house turned up a hammer in the boy's room and swords in the family's home.  That sword gun +5 does a lot of damage in CS...wait a minute...there is no sword gun +5 in CS!  Surely an oversight by Valve.

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Via:  Fort Bend Now
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