Crytek CEO And NVIDIA VP Chat About Crysis

The team at InCrysis had a bit of a heart to heart with Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli and NVIDIA's VP of Content Relations, Roy Taylor, in sort of a state-of-the-nation fashoin that offers a bit of insight as to what's going on with game play, the engine itself and performance optimizations that both companies are working hard on.  There is also talk of the forthcoming patch for the game that was promised long ago but now has been projected for release by Cevat in the "7 - 14 day" range.  There are also a lot of great tid-bits of information regarding the game and how it taxes your hardware, in this interview, so its definitely a worthy read.

"MadBoris: Where does the specific GPU bottleneck reside? When it's obviously not fillrate due to high resolutions, where is the next bottleneck? Is it shaders? Or is it mainly geometry and fillrate?

Cevat & NVIDIA_Roy: The game is designed to be balanced between the CPU and the GPU almost equally. If one or the other are out of kilter then it will create a bottleneck. The game really uses all you have!"

There is definitely work to be done on "bottlenecks".  Let's hope the patch shows up soon, with better SLI support and better overall performance in general. 

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