Crysis: Hands-On (Part One)

The folks over at Digital Entertainment News got a chance to sit down in front of a high-end Toshiba notebook and play a pre-release build of the highly anticipated DX10 game Crysis. As you'll see, they came away thoroughly impressed.  Considering our first hand experience with Crysis at a couple of NVIDIA sponsored events and in the MS booth at Digital Life last year, we can't blame them.  This game is going to be HOT...

"This is what PC gaming has been waiting for. Running on a high-powered Toshiba Satellite notebook packing a brand new DirectX 10-capable nVidia GeForce 8700M GT card, it can only be said that Crysis looked no less than stunning. The top shelf graphics accelerator had no issue churning out the visuals and handling the game's physics; amazingly enough, all from a notebook. That alone makes Crysis, as well as nVidia's new cards, worthy of anticipation.

Crysis chronicles the events of the year 2019 in which an asteroid plummets to Earth's surface. Landing on a remote island off the Korean peninsula, the North Korean government immediately seals off the territory in an effort to stymie foreign intervention. Not willing to allow the communist regime to examine the asteroid exclusively, the Pentagon deploys a small squad of Delta Force operatives to the site."

This is one title we're really waiting for.  Not ony for DX10 benchmark and testing purposes, but for the stunning visuals and cool gameplay.
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