Crysis 1.1 NVIDIA 3-Way SLI Performance Update

At the time of NVIDIA's 3-Way SLI launch, we were unable to bring you Crysis benchmark numbers that we felt comfortable with.  This was partly an NVIDIA driver issue and also because we were waiting on a patch from Crytek that would allow for more efficient SLI scaling overall.  With the release of the Cyrsis 1.1 patch, we now have a stable, scalable platform with which to test on....


From the article - "At high quality settings and 1920X1200 resolution, the GeForce 8800 Ultra SLI setup is about 50% faster than a single card.  Three GeForce 8800 Ultras in 3-Way SLI on the other hand, offer a 33% increase in performance over a pair of cards in SLI mode and a 98% performance gain over a single card.  This is the type of scaling we expected to see in general from the 3-Way test machine and more in line with what NVIDIA projected for us prior to the game patch release."

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