Crucial Gizmo! 2GB flash drive review

Today DriverHeaven reports on Crucial's Gizmo! USB flash drive. The 68mm by 20 mm drive comes in sizes from 128MB to 2GB, which is what DriverHeaven is reporting on. It's not the fastest drive, but still able to transfer a 500mb file in just over 49 seconds.

"Their flash disk drive product line-up is dubbed 'Gizmo!' and they already are counting their 3rd revision. The 3rd revision is even faster and much smaller than the initial revision, plus features much higher capacities of course, as you can guess. Crucial was nice enough to send us a Gizmo! 2GB drive, the largest currently offered. 2GB worth of storage inside a device that is about the size of your thumb certainly sounds nice, so let us see what this little device is capable of."