Crucial DDR2 Review, Cryptography, Lian-Li PC-767

Good morning folks! It's your friendly neighborhood Italian here, taking a break from benchmarking to dish out a healthy serving of hardware news.  Things are flowing in a bit slow today, but we suspect our compatriots may be busy testing something tasty, that you'll all be hearing about fairly soon.  For now though, lets find out what's happening around the 'net so far this morning...

 Thermaltake Armor Case Review @ 3DXtreme:

"The Thermaltake Armor has its faults but with a few tweaks here and there I really believe Thermaltake can deliver a Case capable of stellar performance and quality. At $160 I feel we have to be hard on this Case, Cooler Master, Lian Li and Silverstone would all fall into this price point. We need to see features like aluminum Power and Reset buttons, and replace other areas that are plastic with something that will last – overall this Case is a great stepping point for Thermaltake."

 Cryptography: Part 1 - Why Cryptography? @ ASE Labs:

"In part one of this series I will address the question of why is cryptography needed? The first reason is obvious. We want to keep a message confidential. However, there are two other less obvious reasons for encryption. Using encryption, it becomes fairly easy to verify the integrity of a message and make sure that it has not been either accidentally or purposefully altered. Secondly, with asymmetric key systems it becomes possible to establish non-repudiation-the undeniable fact that you, and only you alone, have sent me a specific message."

 Crucial PC2-5300 DDR2-667 Ballistix Memory @

"Crucial has once again showed strength in their high-end DDR2 performance memory. This time we take their new PC-5300/ DDR667 for a spin in the lab and the results are very positive indeed. Read the review to get all the details."

 Lian Li PC-767 Review @ Ocia.Net:

"All of the front panel plates are removable, leaving a total of ten 5¼" bay positions. Yes, even the hard drive cage and 120mm intake fan are removable, so you're not stuck with having these at the bottom. If you wish you could put it at the top, middle, wherever you want. There's a removable foam fan filter that slides into place in front of the fan."

 Logisys Double CCFL Fan Kit @

"Well My future's so bright I gotta wear shades... Ok, now I'm showing my age here because not many of you got that I bet. Any who... Today you get blinded by the light; we have for your viewing pleasure the Logisys Double CCFL Fan Kit. Logisys has become a fairly standard brand in the computer market and is known for quality products. I like lights, flash and whatever makes my case stand out from the rest at a LAN. I was excited to be getting this item for review; will it live up to my hopes and aspirations? Read on and let's find out. Before I start let me throw in a thank you to Logisys for this fine piece of lighting."

OK, I'm outta here for now.  It's time to get back to benchmarking.  I wonder how the F.E.A.R. demo runs on this thing?  :)