Creative Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeMusic

When it comes to sound cards, the competition is a lot more "low-profile" than the video card sector.  With audio cards, Creative is enjoyed the most success, being the most recognizable name in the market. has a review of the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeMusic, which they feel delivers the best PC audio experience...period.  They take a look at the overall hardware and pay an equal amount of attention to the software bundle, which then found equally as impressive.

"There hasn't been much interest in PC sound cards lately. People are either quite happy with what they got or don't think anything out there that is worth a look. One reason for this is because many new motherboards now offer some decent onboard audio and many do not find a reason to upgrade. I would actually agree with this when it comes to some of the older generation sound cards. However, the sound card I will be reviewing today is certainly an exception and one that truly deserves some consideration. Creative has been manufacturing sound cards for quite some time and while I honestly lost interest since the release of the Audigy series, their new line of cards are truly in a whole other level. Stay with me here as I give you a detailed look at the new X-Fi XtremeMusic and focus on some of the excellent features that don't seem to be covered much in other reviews. Its not only the hardware that is impressive, but the feature-rich software bundle as well!"

We had the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the Creative X-Fi architecture back in October and were thoroughly impressed. For more details, read our complete review of the Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic.