Creating a Blog, TwinhanDTV Magic Box, and more!

Hey folks, up for some news? For those of you looking to turn your computer into a media center, techniz has reviewed the TwinhanDTV Magic Box, which is the first of its kind that doesn't require an extra power supply to work. If media is still on your mind, you can also check out my review of the Leadtek Winfast TV USB II Deluxe. Enjoy the rest of the news :)

How To Create Your Own Blog @ The Tech Zone

"Blogs, the abbreviation of Web Logs (online journals), are becoming more and more popular all the time. People are starting new blogs at an astounding rate so it's safe to assume that there are constantly people out there who want to know how to get a blog going. Despite personal feelings about the actual quality of the majority of blogs out there on the Internet, that's what I hope to be able to help you do with this article."

TwinhanDTV Magic Box @

"TwinhanDTV USB-Ter is the first digital TV box that no needs extra power supply. No matter where users are, only with a notebook and TwinhanDTV USB-Ter could let users enjoy high quality digital entertainment (Free to Air channel). More than your receiver, TwinhanDTV Ter can record you favorite program into your PC and you never miss it."

GIGABYTE GA-K8NXP-SLI Motherboard Review @ HardOCP

"GIGABYTE has a potential winner on their hands with the GA-K8NXP-SLI. It's packed to the gills with integrated peripherals and packaged stuff including a dual core SLI in one video card and a superb PCI 802.11g adapter. The board also managed to match performance with the top rated boards."

Leadtek WinFast PCIe PX6200TD Overclocking test @ Madshrimps

"Looking for a PCIe budget card which can potentially pack a hefty punch? Leadtek PX6200TD might just have what it takes. In this overclocking test we see how far we can push the card with stock cooling."

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