Crackdown 2 Now Backwards Compatible And Free To Play For Xbox One Gamers

Fans of the game franchise Crackdown who are currently playing Crackdown 3, but haven't had the opportunity to play the older games in the franchise, will be glad to hear that the developers have made Crackdown 2 free to play for all Xbox gamers. The original Crackdown went free for Xbox gamers late last year. However, game has also gained backwards compatibility with Xbox One now, so you can play it on the current-gen console without having to get out your old Xbox 360.

cd 3 game

In addition to making Crackdown 2 backward compatible and free, the developers also have a bunch of announcements for the latest game in the franchise, Crackdown 3. Updates include a Crime Map update that turns any district, that gamers have completed, 100% blue. Completed 100% means that all objectives and side missions are done and players have received a gold medal on all Rooftop and Road Races, along with destroying all Monkey Moonshine Kiosks. When the District is blue, all Agility, and Hidden Orbs have also been discovered.

Tweaks to the boss fights for Ngata and Niemand have been made to make them easier to complete on Super Agent and Legendary modes. Previously, players had complained the fights were too difficult. The Ngata fight was re-balanced on all difficulty levels, with adjustments to spawn waves and snipers limited to upper platforms. The Niemand fight was also re-balanced on all difficulty levels with spawn wave adjustment, while Hades units are limited to four.

Hitching and stuttering of graphics with some GPUs was addressed in the update, along with a slew of bug fixes and game improvements. World Saves in Co-Op mode can be deleted, damage numbers can be disabled in gameplay, and checkpoints and player camera improvements have been made in the Science Center. A raft of fixes and improvements were made to the game and you can check them all out here. The devs also noted that Keys to the City is in the works; this mode unlocks developer tools that players can use as cheats.