Corsair XMS2 UL8000, Five Tips For Buying a Laptop, and more!

Good afternoon ya'll! We've got some decent articles for you today, including The Tech Report's benching of various games @ 2048x1536! Nvidia worked on making the G70 handle higher resolutions better than it's predecessors, but how much better? Let's have a look...

Uber-high-resolution gaming on today's GPUs @ The Tech Report

"Some of our readers requested a different approach, asking us to test the cards at ultra-high resolutions, including the big kahuna, 2048x1536. We're obliging sorts of fellows, so we set out to locate and purchase a monitor capable of running at this almost otherworldly screen resolution. A hundred bucks and a brush with a hernia later, an enormous 22" aperture grill monitor sits atop the Damage Labs test bench, causing it to bow slightly downward. (OK, so I had to place the monitor over two support legs, so the end of the table didn't snap off.)"

Corsair XMS2 UL8000 @ t-break

"We've been looking at hardware for quite some time now and its always been the memory modules that have been playing catch up with the frequencies that motherboard manufacturers offer in the BIOS. However, today Corsair throws our observation out the door by sending us modules that work at a speed for which we couldn't find motherboards to match up to. We're talking about Corsair's latest 8000UL modules that run at frequency of DDR2-1000."

Thermaltake Big Typhoon @ Viperlair

"It's been a long time since an air cooler has impressed us, and the Thermaltake Big Typhoon delivers in a big (no pun intended) way. We've seen massive coolers before, but in the past, not even the biggest coolers were able to power past the Koolance EXOS. While the EXOS still has the advantage at its highest speeds, the noise levels are much louder than the Big Typhoon which is near silent."

Beat Sounds EMP-Z II Plus MP3 Player @ CoolTechZone

"The standard navigational buttons are situated towards the side of the MP3 player where it doesn't interfere with the rest of the professional appearance. It weighs around 0.9oz and has a built-in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that provides up to 16 hours of music, which is not bad for an MP3 player of this size. It connects to the PC via an USB port;"

Five Tips For Buying a Laptop Computer @ BigBruin

"Before you spend a lot of money on a laptop, it is important to spend a little time considering some basics that may affect the decision-making process. This Tech Tip will take a look at five of the innumerous things worth considering when buying a laptop computer."

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