Corsair’s Sim Racing Play Kicks Into High Gear With Fanatec Acquisition

hero fanatec racing wheel corsair
Corsair announced it has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire sim racing specialist Endor AG, owners of the popular Fanatec brand. Corsair has agreed to fund Endor’s short-term cash needs during negotiations for restructuring the company, which is currently about $75 million in debt.

Fanatec is a one-stop shopping store for gamers who are looking to up their racing sim setup. The company offers quite a bit in terms of racing sim peripherals, such as high-end racing wheels, pedals, shifters, and cockpits. It currently offers three different series to choose from, which are Podium, ClubSport, and CSL series. 

Even with the popularity of the products among race sim fans, it seems parent company Endor has been struggling to pay the bills. Cue Corsair, which has offered to buy the company, as long as the deal gets approved under a German law governed insolvency process.

fanatec racing wheel

“Fanatec is an incredible brand with a strong community, and we believe CORSAIR is the ideal home for Fanatec’s loyal customers, employees and business partners,” remarked Corsair CEO, Andy Paul. “This transaction would solve the company’s significant debt load and position the company for growth and continued product portfolio expansion.”

It appears Endor is in agreement, as CEO and Chief Restructuring Officer of Endor, Andres Ruff added, “We are very pleased to have found a strategic investor in Corsair who knows our market well and wants to invest for the long term.”

For those who may not be familiar with Fanatec products, the company offers racing wheels/direct drive bases that range anywhere from $649.90 for Xbox and PC, to the Gran Turismo DD Extreme which runs $1,299.95. The CSL Cockpit runs $399.95, while the CSL Cockpit Seat adds another $99.95 to the total.

If Corsair is successful in acquiring Endor, it will join other companies Corsair has bought, such as DROP, SCUF Gaming, Origin PC, and Elgato. To say Corsair is serious about gaming and delivering the goods might be an understatement at this point.