Corsair Makes A Pit Stop In Sim Racing With A Customizable Cockpit For Gamers

hero corsair racing machine
Corsair joined in the festivities at Computex 2024 with its new vision for the sim racing community. The company announced its upcoming Sim Rig, which can be customized to fit the driving style of individual sim racers.

The idea of creating a customizable experience for its customers is not new for Corsair. The company already has a similar approach with its Platform:6 desk, which provides options that allow gamers to piece together their ideal desk setup. Now, Corsair has announced a similar approach to sim racing with its upcoming Sim Rig.

The Sim Rig is constructed of 50mm steel tubing, while offering driving position adjustments for anyone from 5’ to 6’6” with minimal tools required. Keeping streamers in mind, Corsair adds that at launch, optional accessories will be available for mounting products like lights, cameras, and stream decks. Other accessories are a front mounted tray for a PC or console, a direct drive front mount to securely attach a wheelbase, accessory mounts for a shifter, and an inverted pedal system.

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Corsair remarked that the basic simulator includes an onboard 100mm VESA mount, which will handle a single monitor from 27-inch to a 49-inch ultrawide screen. Sim racers will have the option of upgrading their rig to come with a free-standing adjustable single monitor stand, which can support screens up to 65 inches. Also included with the single monitor will be an upper monitor mount supporting screens up to 34 inches.

If sim racers want to feel even more immersed, a triple monitor expansion kit will be available. This will give racers the ability to add three monitors from 27 inches to 55 inches, with a fourth overhead monitor simultaneously.

Another add-on that will be available is a two-piece racing bucket seat. For those who already have a seat they love, Corsair says the cockpit is engineered to accept third-party seats with a standard 290mm bolt hole mounting pattern.

While not much else was announced about the upcoming Sim Rig by Corsair at Computex, the company said to keep an eye out over the coming weeks and months for more info.