Cross-Platform Streaming Now Primed To Transform Video Games Industry

Think about cord-cutters and most will think of people ditching cable and satellite companies in favor of streaming content via services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Cord cutting is coming in a big way to the gaming industry with seemingly every company capable of making a streaming game console looking to get in on the action. So far reports indicate that Amazon, Walmart, and Verizon are eyeing the streaming game market. Google has already announced its streaming service and hardware at GDC.

game controller

A new report claims that the video game industry is the next entertainment industry to undergo a major disruption. The streaming services represent a shakeup to the traditional video game market where most game purchases were made at physical stores and the games were physical discs that players could play and then sell when done. Digital sales via Sony, Microsoft, and the Steam store have taken off over the years disrupting that traditional model and preventing players from selling their games when done, something major companies in the industry like.

As game streaming goes mainline, the era of playing all your favorite games on any platform you want is upon us. The Google Stadia platform will allow players to save a game on any platform and then pick up from that save point on your phone, laptop, or browser. Apple's Arcade service will let subscribers play over a hundred games on their Apple devices including Apple TV, Mac, and iPhone or iPad.

One of the significant changes with the subscription service is that gamers are no longer buying individual games. Instead, they are buying access to multiple games as a service. The big question mark with the streaming services right now is if game developers and publishers will get onboard.

Another question mark is how the streaming services will perform concerning lag and overall quality. Streaming game subscribers will also run into the same reality that cord cutters were hit with in the TV realm - data caps on most internet plans can end up making streaming services just as costly as the services users are migrating away from.