Verizon Reportedly Testing Its Own Game Streaming Service Powered By NVIDIA SHIELD

Streaming gaming services will soon be on the market in force giving gamers plenty of options to choose from. This week we talked about a rumor that Amazon was developing a game streaming service to rival services in the works from Microsoft and Google. A new rumor floating around suggests that wireless carrier Verizon is working on its own Verizon Gaming streaming service. Reports indicate that the Verizon Gaming service is currently in alpha testing on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV set-top box.

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The Verge claims to have seen documentation that states the streaming gaming service will eventually make its way to Verizon Android smartphones. The service could be big for smartphone gamers because they could stream games rather than having to download game apps from Google Play and take up internal storage on their devices. When played on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV set-top box or with Andoird devices, gamers can control their games with a paired Xbox One controller.

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The service is reported to have over 135 games available and players have been quietly recruited by Verizon. The carrier has done a fantastic job of keeping the service under wraps until now, and it hasn't confirmed the service at this time. To woo players to its alpha test, Verizon has promised to give the participants a $150 Amazon gift card and the testers were given a free NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Xbox One controller, and logins to play.

Verizon's app is pre-installed on the SHIELD device the participants are given, and the app will be distributed to other testers privately via Google Play later in the month. The alpha test is expected to complete at the end of January. The images show games like No Man's Sky, Red Dead Redemption II, Destiny 2, and lots more. However, some of these games could be there as placeholders, there is no official list offered. A leaked email from Verizon to testers stated that the test at this point was primarily focused on performance with "most or all of the top games you are familiar with" coming as the product advances.

(Images via The Verge)