Contests, Avalon case reviews, P4 3.46EE and more!

Hey everyone, ready for your fix of afternoon news? We've got a couple of contests for you to check out today. You have to register with the sites, and create a few posts on them, but if your serious about free hardware make sure to check it out! Another worthy mention is ATi has received PCI Express certification, so i've provided a link to the PCI Express integrators list. Enjoy!

4GBs of Corsair TwinX1024 XMS3200XL Pro in the DPG Contest @

"The well known DawG PounD Giveaway has a one day turnaroud. Right after giving away two TrackIR 3 Pro's offers up 4GB of Corsair's Award Winning TwinX XMS3200XL Pro. GruntvillE made it easy to enter and easy to win. As the man says himself; "It's back, it's bad and it's lighted!"

Avalon: Mortal Combat vs Radiation @

"Few years ago noone realised that any company will introduce modified casings, that will have an original shape, the lightning or the material they are made of. Not every 'ready-to-go' casing is a good one though. There are many companies that produce cheap casings with lots of colourfull stuff and with no functionality at all. Thanks to PC-Tuning I can introduce to you two Avalon casings. Those are : Mortal Combat and Radiation."

Intel Pentium 4 3.46EE (1066MHz FSB) @ Bytesector

"With the introduction of their newest chipset, the 925XE, Intel has added support for 1GHz FSB to their motherboards and processor lines. The first processor to support the 1066MHz (1.06GHz) FSB is Intel's Extreme Edition. What they have done is taken their 3.4EE and lowered the clock multiplier to accommodate the higher FSB which has resulted in the 3.46GHz Extreme Edition processor."

November 2004 Contest @ Mikhailtech (4 year Anniversary, $1200 worth of 35 prizes!)

"November marks a very special month for Mikhailtech. For those who have stuck around with us long enough, you know that Mikhailtech was born on November 7th, 2000 as a humble Geocities page. Since then we've grown tremendously and moved around more than we can remember, but we couldn't have done this without you. In a few days, Mikhailtech will be 4 years old. As a thank you, we've teamed up with Antec for our biggest giveaway EVER! We have 35 prizes totaling approximately $1200 up for grabs!"

Omega Catalyst Driver Comparison @ Rojakpot

"If you own an ATI Radeon graphics card, chances are you would have heard of the Omega drivers. While most people choose to use the official ATI Catalyst drivers, the Omega drivers were developed for users who are a bit more adventurous and are looking to squeeze the best performance out of their graphics cards."

PCI Express Integrators List @ PCI-SIG

"For a product to be listed below, it must have a complete and satisfactory PCI Compliance Checklist on file at PCI-SIG, must have passed the test criteria set forth at the PCI Compliance Workshops, and must be production ready. This list will be updated after every Compliance Workshop."